Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kristin Performs...

Kristin had the opportunity to perform for 3 Chinese Governors at the Utah State Capitol Building. They did a performance in Chinese for these Governors. A member of the legislature met with the families after the performance to let us know how much he appreciated us being there. Apparently - in China - there are 8 Governors. This was the first time in Chinese History that 3 of them have left all at once and coming together to the US is another first. Also - Utah exports millions of dollars of things to China and they are trying to better trade relations. It was so fun to see Kristin perform and speak Chinese. She really loves it. It was almost more fun watching the Chinese guests (and there were a whole lot of them) sing along with the kids, and cheer and clap. Even if I don't understand her - they do - and that was cool. A few things about Kristin...she is UBER shy. She isn't demanding - and is a go with the flow kind of girl. She was so excited for this performance - she wanted everyone she knew to come watch her. Which - for her to verbally request - shows just how much it meant to her. Thanks to Papa and Grammy for coming - we know it wasn't fun and enjoyable and how anybody wants to spend their Saturday - but it meant the world to Kristin. I forgot my camera - so all of these photos came from my phone or from someone else - but I'm glad I have them. We are so proud of Kristin and so excited for all the things she has yet to learn! After her performance, we took her to lunch at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.