Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Haley turns FIVE!

I still can't believe my baby is five! How time flies! She is such a good kid - most of the time. She throws her fit, and definitely takes her place in the family as the youngest - but she's a good kid most of the time! She takes Ballet, loves going to Kids on the Move at the gym, loves her mommy the most, and loves Kristin. She loves the boys too, but Kristin is definitely her favorite! This year, Cherice asked if I wanted to do her and Makenna's birthday together at Build-a-Bear. So, we did it a few weeks before Haley's birthday. I let her invite a few friends, and she chose Carly, Nora, and Allison (Kristin was already a shoe-in). She really wanted Annie, Lucas, Tate, and Matias to come, but we told her they would be there in spirit. We picked up the girls and headed to the mall. I had a friend of mine make cupcakes, and off we went. It was so great not to have any responsibilities other than making sure the girls were all there. The girls Haley invited were great girls, and just went with the flow. On Haley's real birthday, we invited family over for cake and ice cream. I made my famous bundt cakes and had a great time! Haley of course - loved any and all attention that she got!


delilas said...

I too, cant believe it was 5 years ago that she was born. What a cute kid.