Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jake turns 9!!!

I can't believe Jake is 9! He's always been a pretty laid back kid. This past year, we have noticed that he is a worrier and stresses out - a lot. Drives me crazy. He gets good grades, is very well behaved in class, but I tell you the kid is Jekyl&Hyde. I actually worry about what to do with him. I am contemplating taking him to a therapist. Any thoughts? This year, Jake has started with a speech therapist at school. He has always had speech issues, and we had him tested in preschool, but he wasn't bad enough to qualify for help. One of the reasons I chose to take him to the charter school this year, was because I wanted to get him help with his speech. His teacher had also started noticing that he was writing his words the way he was sounding them out. Now, he is working with a therapist once a week. Hopefully it will continue going well. I am grateful for the help he is getting. I do love Jake. When he is all alone with me, going to the store, or just hanging out, he is the most loveable greatest kid around. He's a ton of fun to be around. He wanted a skateboard for his birthday along with a skateboard cake! My friend, Natalie, made it. It's awesome, huh? He got a skateboard so we went as a family to classic skating and let him 'try' riding it around. He did okay, but it's hard, and he has a hard time not giving up. I took the skateboard around the loop a few times, and except for falling on my butt once, was the best skateboarder 'out of our family'. I am so grateful Jake is in our family! Hope he had a super special day!