Friday, January 20, 2012

The Worst Pain...EVER...

I know this is gross, but I have to document it. I got an ingrown toenail - and it got infected. It hurt so bad. I had to get into the doctor, but for some reason, nobody could fit me in. I kept calling around until I found a doctor who would get me in. I went in, and he did a little 'procedure'. I am telling you now, it was the worst pain of my whole life. WAY worse than giving birth. They had to give me a numbing shot directly into the infected part of my toe. I SCREAMED in the doctors office. Afterwards, I was feeling good, but the doc had sent me home with a perscription. I thought - I'm probably good with motrin. Boy, was I wrong. Within 30 minutes, the numbing shots had worn off, and I was IN PAIN! I have never taken the maximum narcotic prescription AS WELL AS the maximum motrin dose, but I did for about a week. I couldn't work out for a week. It was crazy! I NEVER want an ingrown toenail ever ever ever again.


Bevtartly said...

Dear Jen,

I know exactly how you feel I have had the ingrown toenail procedure done on both sides of both big toes! And before I had the actual procedures there were infected several times! I know how you feel and it really is so very painful! THE SHOTS are awful! I really do feel for you! I am glad it is over for you now!