Thursday, April 26, 2012

Reindeer...and the

Kristin saw this hairstyle on pinterest and MADE me figure it out for her hair. Luckily - Haley allowed us to pull some squiggly eyes off one of her preschool papers so that this hairstyle could happen in the 10 seconds before we had to leave that Kristin was determined it MUST be done. Kristin got quite the reaction at school. They asked her to stand in front while they sang rudolph - everybody told me how great it was. It's funny to me that Kristin wants that much attention...oh well...whatever makes her happy!

I made the kids go sit on Santa's lap. Well, I made Kyle and Jake. The girls were excited to go. I hate that the younger ones get jipped on things like this. My favorite cupcake store, One Sweet Slice, was having Santa come - so we went. It was all worth it just for the photo I got of Haley and Santa!