Saturday, March 11, 2006

March 11th 2006

TROY'S HOME!!! Yea! But, of course, we couldn't just pick him up with no drama involved...that's not how things have been going the past 3 weeks. We go pick him up, and it took forever for his bags to come (I am talking 40 minutes...). Well, the battery died to our car outside of the baggage claim. I know, so irritating...Anyways, Troy had a guy that he went to Texas with have his wife drive up and jump start the car. Well, we were trying to hurry, and it didn't get a big enough charge, so the car died again, this time with nobody that we knew who could help us. So, we had to ask an airport worker to send someone, which she did, but it took quite awhile. So, Troy is standing in front of the van with the hood raised and jumper cables in hand. He sat there that way for AT LEAST 30 minutes. How many people do you think asked if they could give us a jump? ONLY 1! Can you believe that? People are so wrapped up in their own lives, that they can't even stop for NO MORE than 3 minutes to jump start someone's car. So, if you see someone who needs help, STOP AND HELP! They will appreciate it, you will do service, and chances are it could be Troy or me! :) Of course, the kids thought it was great! The truck from the airport that came to jump start us had a light on the top. So, instantly he was a "Higglytown Hero". (TV show on Disney that all my kids love, where it shows kids about normal people in the community that are heroes everyday, like a garbage man, truck driver, etc) Kristin sings the song...So, we're home now, and we're keeping our fingers crossed the car will start tomorrow for church!