Sunday, March 19, 2006

March 15th, 2006

Well, it finally happened. Jake fell out of the cart at Costco yesterday. It was bound to happen. I was telling him that he had to sit down, and I was walking around the cart to physically sit him down, when he fell out. He (I) was really lucky, because he did a full somersault and landed flat on his back. I don't think his head hit at all. It sure did scare the crap out of him. I don't think he'll stand up in carts again (at least not for a few weeks anyways). I was really grateful that when he did fall, I was in the middle of telling him to sit down. This way, all the onlookers didn't give me dirty looks, or rude comments (Costco shoppers are really good at this...), they just felt bad for him and gave me sympathetic looks.

All is well here. Troys work is glad he's back. He's already working overtime tomorrow. Troy is glad he's back. Kristin still isn't back to normal. For the first few days Troy was back she demanded that he carry her everywhere (which he did...sucker...). Even now on the days Troys works she asks for him first thing in the morning, and whines and cries for him all day long. It's making it really difficult to not give her the pacifier.

Kyle's good. Coming up with outrageous comments's a few of his latest:

Yesterday, Kyle begged me all day long (he had for a few days) that he wanted to go to Subway. I kept saying no, and then last night, (since Troy got a free dinner at work) I decided what the heck. On the way there, I asked Kyle why he wanted to go there, and what he wanted once we got there. When we were 1/2 a block away from Subway, he said: Mom, I just wanted to eat at Subway, Eat Fresh, like on the TV. He had no clue what kind of food they have, just liked the slogan. Don't worry, his TV is on huge restriction now...He keeps digging his own grave...

the other...

I was putting together these cube things for my scrapbook stuff. (Store in Style by Crop in Style, they're AWESOME! Perfect for storing 12x12 paper) Well, they are these white cubes, and while I was putting them together, the kids kept commenting that they were dog houses. We were joking that they were dog houses when Kyle said: Mom, if it's a dog house, you're going to have to paint it blue. It's more "motionally" good for the dog.