Saturday, March 04, 2006

March 4th, 2006

Well, I have officially less than 1 week left of Troy being gone. The past few days have been pretty good. I got the boys (both of them) signed up for Indoor Soccer. I'm hoping this gives them a place to get their craziness out. Their first day is Monday. Jake goes for an hour, and then Kyle goes for an hour. I'm also hoping this wears them out for bedtime! Today was a gorgeous day in Oregon. The kids played outside in the backyard from about 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. It was sunny the whole time! It just made me YEARN for summertime! They got pretty dirty, but it was well worth it! I think it's suppossed to rain tomorrow, but at least we got one nice day!

Yesterday at school, for Dr. Seuss' Birthday, they do a Read Across America. The kids are suppossed to dress up as their favorite story book character. Kyle chose David, from the "No, David" books by David Shannon. (Picture of Kyle shown...) If you don't have these books, get them. Kristin reads the No David books, and loves them just as much as the boys do. Our books our currently torn up, and falling apart, I've taped and retaped them, so if anybody is searching for a gift for the kids...hardback David Shannon books are the way to go! :)

Next week is Jake's Last week of preschool until April. Jake will be happy, he is such a grouch in the morning, he has a hard time getting going by 8:00am. Jake also has a dentist appointment on Monday. He has had 3 dentist appointments in the past 4 months. They are trying to get xrays of his mouth, but he gags on the film every time, so we have been practicing at home...THIS BETTER BE IT! Everyone keep your fingers crossed!

Kristin has a bad diaper rash, so I might try potty training her...we'll see...I might wait until Troy gets home...we'll see how it goes!