Sunday, May 27, 2007


Okay, so, it turns out Haley has a really bad allergy to Milk Protein. Which is what the doctors thought in the first place, but with her diahrea (hmmm...still don't know how to spell it) she was having on the alimentum, they wanted her to try this new formula, called Neocate. So, he wanted her to try it for a week, just to see. He had this home health company call, and I asked for a sample, and the lady pretty much laughed, saying they do NOT give out samples. (The doctor couldn't even get samples right away, he had to wait for 4 weeks for them to arrive!) She said we could see if insurance could cover it, but most insurances don't. I told her I was going out of town, and asked how much a can was, just to be covered for the trip...OKAY...ARE YOU READY????????? She said each can (which makes about 12 - 6 oz bottles - so, pretty much lasts 2 days at the most) costs $60. YES! SIXTY DOLLARS! It has to be more expensive than gold - especially if we went by weight. I seriously about had a heart attack. She then told me, that she would need 10-12 cans a month. HELLO! THAT'S OVER $600 A MONTH!!!!!!!!! WHO CAN AFFORD THAT? Oh, and she has to be on it until she's 2! YES, 2 years old! That's 18 more months! So, I talked to the doctor, and he said he was going to see if he could get some from the children's hospital here. He was able to get 3 cans, but I had to pay for them, and they wouldn't even try to bill the insurance, but the hospital only (yeah...only) charged $35 a can. STILL! But, when I told Troy, he was like, Oh, $35, that's not bad. I had to remind him how absurd it was that we were excited to pay $35 for this tiny can of formula. I know, in your head, most of you are invisioning costco size cans of formula...HARDLY! Here is a picture of Haley with her new formula. I am posting the one of her crying, cause that's how I feel about it all. The can of formula kind of looks big in this picture, so you have to remember how tiny Haley is (she just hit the 11 lb mark! WAHOO!) So, after being on the formula for 24 hours, she doesn't have loose stools (much easier to spell) anymore. So, the doctor is going to try to work with the home health company and see if insurance will pick up any of the bill. Keep your fingers crossed...otherwise, anyone in the market for scrapbook supplies? :)

Anyways, we're off to Disneyland in 4 hours, (leaving bright and early but not going to Disneyland until Mon-Wed) then up to Mike's wedding in Monterey! Can't wait to be on vacation! We better enjoy it, cause chances are, it's the last vacation we're going to be going on for the next 18 months!


Pricilla said...

So Haley should really start packing on the pounds now right? I hope she flourishes even though it is expensive. Good Luck.

Bethany said...

My goodness little Haley. I sure hope this works for you. Yah, for Disneyland. Have fun!

Unknown said...

That stinks...but will be so worth it when you have a nourished, healthy little girl! I hope you have a great vacation! It sounds like so much fun!!