Friday, May 11, 2007


Okay, the past two weeks have been insane! First of all, we are finishing our backyard! I can't wait. It's one of those things I've wanted done yesterday...Here is a before picture, and hopefully the after picture will come in a few weeks...
This picture is of the west side of our house. Most of this will be concrete for Troy's basketball court. (The trampoline is on the east side of our house)

This picture is of the yard parallel to the back of the house. We are having a cement patio on the left and most of this will be grass. (Our fences are crazy in the back of our house, because our property touches so many other properties. To help figure what the pictures are of, and how they match up, look at the fencing.

Right now, the weeds are gone, ground is leveled, road base (to go under the concrete) is put where it should go, and trenches are dug for the sprinkling system. On Monday and Tuesday we are making sure we have everything where we want it, and hopefully the sprinklers done. Then the following Monday, we can lay sod...anyone is more than welcome to help us out with that! :)

Now for the Haley update. She is not doing good. All last week, everytime I would give her a bath, or change her diaper, I kept having a feeling that she still wasn't good, cause she was so scrawny, I could see her ribs! So, Monday morning, I took her to the doctor for a weight check, and to talk to the doctor about her. I was right, she still wasn't gaining weight. She weighs 10 lbs. 9 oz. Only 4 oz. more than a month ago. Here is a picture of her weight chart. Basically, with your weight or height, you should stay on your specific curve. The doctors computer recorded everytime I took her in for a weight check. You'll notice that she is FAR below the curve she was previously on. If she were to stay on her FIFTH percentile, she should be about 13 lbs now.

So, the doctor decided to put her on the special formula for a week, and have me go back off milk, and pump. Just to see how she does. If there isn't a considerable difference, he is going to re-do some labs and testing. I have kind of decided this week that I am done nursing. Apparently it's not doing her any good. Pumping sucks (ha ha - no really, it does) and she just needs to grow! So, Monday morning we take her back in to see how much she weighs. So, she's on the expensive Alimentum formula now. So, ask your pediatricians for samples, then mail me some! :) We figured it will cost about $250 a month just for formula. Insane, huh? Oh well, if she grows, it will be worth it. So, I'll let you know what happens on Monday.

To top it off, Kyle came home from school today sick again. I think it's strep again! What is the deal? If it's strep, it will be the fourth time in 5 months! Ironically, the only other time he's had it was when we were visiting Utah for Christmas one year. I might have to ask the doctor to remove his tonsils. INSANE! If you know Kyle, and how he is when he is sick, you would totally feel bad for our whole family. It's going to be a long weekend. I am going to take him into the doc in the morning! I love that our pediatricians office is open on Saturday mornings!

On a lighter note, Kristin is hilarious. Ever since her birthday, when I first put sponge curlers in her hair, she requests curlers EVERY DAY! Cause, "I'm a princess mommy". So, she even sleeps in them! I had her wear a hair net, to keep them in. Here's a picture with her right before bed in her curlers.

I've finally figured out the right combination so that she doesn't have a fro when she wakes up! She loves her curlers though!

Kyle's been playing flag football. He'll have to miss his game tomorrow, so then he'll just have 1 game left on Monday! YEA! I hate it! Someone needs to tell his coach that there is no chance they're winning the superbowl this year. Kyle thinks flag football is great, but Troy and I think his coach sucks! He told Kyle to kick the kid with the ball...anything to get the flag, or the football. Troy and I had to tell Kyle there was NO kicking in any sport. The moron coach walks around during the game with a clipboard full of plays on it. First of all, it's FLAG FOOTBALL! This is the youngest age group in the league (which is city rec). They don't throw the ball, cause the kids can't really catch the ball, so they just run the ball. So, either the quarterback scores, or whoever the quarterback hands the ball off to. Anyways, the coach is way too serious. Troy has had to hold me back a few times! I'm not exaggerating! I make my comments loud though (much to Troy's dismay). Here is a picture of Kyle at practice. I love this picture, cause it shows how hard he is trying. He's a good kid.

I've felt bad for Kyle this week. On Monday, when I picked him up from school, he was crying because he missed his old friends and wanted them back! I told him I felt the same way! He is such a social kid, he just wants friends around after school! Hopefully with the yard done, it will give them more to do outside.

Jake is just a cute kid. A devil for sure, but cute. He doesn't listen for anything! He's figured out that it's fun to tease Kristin cause she'll scream and cry. So, I'm loving that all day! But he's so sweet! I've started setting the timer for him to help clean up a room. He loves that! There's something about beating the timer! Here is a picture of him with a calf at Thanksgiving Point Farm Country a few weeks ago. We went with Cherice and the Downs Syndrome group. The kids had a blast, riding pony's, a hay ride, and checking out the animals. They also had a few games. In this picture, the kids were being pigs, and looking for a piece of gum under the whipping cream.

Sorry for the long post! Just haven't updated in awhile! Hope all is well with everyone! Oh, My brother David is getting his Masters Degree from Louisville tomorrow! CONGRATULATIONS! Then he is coming to spend the summer in Utah! I invited him to go to Bear Lake with the Korth family in July. He said he had been thinking about that, and wanted to be invited, so I can't wait! The kids are anxious to have an uncle to pester, if only for a few months! I think Allisun also got her Masters Degree from Utah State a few weeks ago. (I haven't talked to her about it, so I'm not for sure, but I'm almost positive - I think it was close to the wedding, so she was preoccupied). Anyways...CONGRATULATIONS!


delilas said...
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delilas said...

Does your brother really want to hang out with a bunch of fools (speaking for myself), are you sure he does not have something better to do? Lol Just a warning! LOL My kids can't wait. The reunion is the hightlight of the vacation. Now for myself I have take a deep breath and count to 10 even when I think about it. JK Can't wait to see y'all.

Your yard is going to be amazing. I hope that Haley starts to grow, I feel so bad for her. Cute kids! :D

Bethany said...

You poor thing with the sick kids. Poor Hailey and poor you. It's so stressful when you just don't know what to do. I hope she starts putting on some weight. She is so cute! I have so many sponge curler memories. I love it!