Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day (late) to everyone out there! Mother's Day was great here! It started out with breakfast in bed. Waffles and OJ! YUM! Then, off to church! After church, Troy made me my favorite meal of late - Rumbi Teriyaki Chicken Bowl - that I started eating, then re-creating at home when I couldn't have any milk. It was so yummy! Then we went to his mom's house to deliver a gift, and then up to my grandma's to deliver a gift. My mom was out of town, in Kentucky watching David graduate! So, we'll have to go visit her on Friday when she returns. It was a wonderful day with family! I got a new entertainment center for Mother's Day! I have been coveting it everytime we went to RC Willey! THANKS TROY! I love you...(Not that he reads this blog...)(Oh, it has since been filled with a 50" plasma TV for Father's Day - with NBA playoffs - we HAD to get it early!)
Here is a picture of my favorite kids(Haley was not happy!)!


SFNielsens said...

I love the entertainment center. It's gorgeous. So glad you had a fun mother's day. You deserve it!!!

Skinner Family said...

OOOHhh, I love the entertainment center. Is it distressed black?? That's what I want. And Brian definitely wants a big screen with lots of basketball. WE'll have to come visit. Are you having your basketball hoop set in the concrete or are you getting a portable one?? Brian wants one for Father's Day.

jen said...

The basketball hoop is a professional one, where the hoop breaks away and yes, it will be set in concrete. The entertainment center is distressed black. I love it! COME VISIT!