Sunday, February 24, 2008


Haley took about 4 steps today! I know, some of you may be thinking, what's the big deal? I have been so worried about her weight problems affecting her developmental growth. The doctor told me as long as she is walking byb 15 months (which is this Wednesday) all is well. We have been working with her, but the girl is a chicken! She will stand up in the middle of the floor, all by herself, but would not take a step. During sharing time today, I was trying to keep her occupied and happy (naptime, of course) I tried to get her to walk to me. I about screamed out loud when she did. I got Troy's attention, and a few other people's attentions, as well, and she continued to do it. She did it again tonight. I'm so relieved! And happy! We are going to Disneyland in 2 weeks from tomorrow, and I want her to be able to walk! She may not be running, but hopefully it will only progress from here on out!

In the morning, we take Kyle to see the ENT to determine if he needs his tonsils removed. Troy is coming with me, because I'm betting it's going to take both of us to hold the kid down just to let the doctor look in his throat. You can tell how excited we will be to get to deal with him if he really gets his tonsils removed...ughhh...I can't even think about that now...I'll keep you posted! Oh, and I promised a photo of his Valentine's it is, in all it's glory. Oh, the kicker is, when he got home on Valentine's Day, I asked him where his box was? He told me he threw it away. I'm SO glad I resorted to the 5 second box, instead of the 1 hour box!


Piano Mom said...

Yay Haley! She'll be running towards Mickey Mouse before you know it!

Erin Fonnesbeck said...

Yeah for Haley!

And good choice on the 5 minute valentine box!!!