Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Every fall BYU football is a big part of our life! I really enjoyed games this year because they were on Friday nights. It helped me still do my photoshoots, Kyle able to play soccer games, and didn't take up our entire Saturday. I hope they do this every year. Because of the conference changes, the first game was the BYU v UTAH game. The boys wanted to cut their hair in true BYU fan fashion and have their faces painted. They look sweet! Unfortunately, the game was awful. BYU lost horribly. We got 4 tickets this year, and my grandma got 2. We used her extra 2 tickets a few times during the year - this meant the girls got to attend a few games and the boys got to invite friends, even Troy invited a friend. We went to a game on my birthday, which I didn't love so much. I loved having a car full of kids - and it was great. Haley and Makenna went to a game together and had a blast. They decided that BYU could only have won since they were cheering. I also learned the rules more and actually enjoyed it - only a little teeny tiny bit. I was definitely ready for the season to be over - but we had fun while it lasted! Can't wait for next year! (really, I can)


delilas said...

I really have no opinion of BYU sports but I was pretty upset when they beat USU in the last seconds. I have almost quit saying "I hate BYU", :). I have not watched another game since then, not sure why USU became so important to me. Don't tell my brother that I would say such things about his team. :) A sport is more fun to watch when you know what you are watching. miss you guys!

Brian and Kristy said...

I love your boys' hair. Now if only it was red and in the shape of a U it may have been better ;) I'm so glad the U won that game. I almost feel bad for the BYU fans, almost. I love reading your posts. We need to get together again soon!