Thursday, March 09, 2006

March 9th 2006

Well, the snow sure surprised us this morning. They are predicting more tomorrow. It would be fun, except it is so wet and if they go out, I pretty much have to go out. Jake lasted all of 10 seconds out there. Kyle didn't care, but he kept coming in the house and changing his clothes when they got "too" wet. So, he went through 4 outfits in 30 minutes. (Not to mention the floor is muddy now...) Kristin had no desire to go outside and neither did I. We haven't left the house all day. I watched 3 episodes of Oprah I had recorded. I couldn't bear to take a nap while the house was quiet, and I didn't want to work, (housework or work work) so instead, I vegged on the couch and watched Oprah. I can't wait for Troy to get home. At least I cook dinner when he's home. I can't cook dinner when he's gone because the kids don't eat it, and it would just get wasted. (who knows how to cook for 1 person?) So, today I've had cereal, a yogurt, and grilled cheese and minestrone for dinner. My body is craving protein! I guess I can cook tomorrow night, then Troy can eat the will probably be the first time in his life he won't complain about leftovers...OH! It's 8:15! BEDTIME! WOOHOO!!