Sunday, November 25, 2007


Troy took the boys to the BYU v Utah game on Saturday. They were all so excited! I turned the TV on in the last 5 minutes of the game - just so I knew what kind of mood to expect when Troy got home. It was fun to watch. Apparently, Kyle and Jake both fell asleep - at the game - on the cold bleachers - with all the screaming - the last 3 minutes of the game. After the game they went down on the field. The boys thought that was awesome (Troy, of course being the biggest and most excited boy). Troy came home and told me about a few signs he saw at the game. I am going to post them here:

FACT: Cougars eat Utes. - Dwight K Schrute Cougar Fan

Then, Jon (a Utah fan and Donnarae's fiance), had a BYU alumni t-shirt on. On the back of the shirt, in iron on letters, he had put: "I'm only wearing this shirt so I can marry their daughter. Go Utes."

I'm glad my boys had fun. Kyle's learning more and more about football. Jake is also started to bleed blue. I guess a few weeks ago, Jake and Kristin were at Troy's parents house. Kristin had said that she likes all colors of blankets. Jake said, "even red ones?" Kristin said "yes". Jake then asked her if she liked Utah. She said, "Yes". Jake said, "the state, not the school, right?" Kristin said, "Yes - the state." Yep, their dad has them pretty brainwashed...


Unknown said...

I was lucky enough to watch enough football this weekend to last me forever! There was always a game on the HDTV...I am so glad Aaron doesn't like football!
The end of the BYU game was pretty awesome though!