Monday, November 19, 2007

Jake is 5!

Last week, Jake turned 5. This picture pretty much sums him up. I can't believe he's already 5! He had a pirate party. This was actually his first official birthday party. We invited the kids over and had a treasure hunt for the Treasure Box Pinata, filled with leftover Halloween candy (SWEET!). We got the kids pirate gear from the Dollar Tree. I LOVE that store. The kids had eye patches, earrings, and swords. I made a big brownie, and attempted to put a white powdered sugar skull and bones on it, but Jake was helping me, and it didn't turn out so great...oh well, the kids didn't notice...Here is Pirate Kristin doing the pinata. She's so funny, she wore that eye patch all day long! I think the funniest part of the party was opening gifts. Troy tried to do "Heavy, Heavy, Hangover" and the kids totally didn't get it. Instead of bonking Jake on the head, they full on dropped the gift on his head. It was hilarious. Jake didn't seem to mind. They all just thought that was normal...funny kids...Here they are...the scary their very own: SAND BOAT!That evening, we went and saw The Bee Movie. Troy's dad was able to join us (Thanks, Grandpa, Jake was excited you showed up to his birthday party!) The movie was pretty good. Haley wasn't so great in the movie (surprise, surprise), but all in all it was a good day! Tiring, but good! Thank heavens it was a nice day and the kids were able to play outside! Thanks to all for coming! Happy Birthday Jake!