Thursday, November 01, 2007


Our Halloween Day started out early. We woke up at 5:30 am in order to get to the Glassey's by 5:45. Here are photos of the first part of the live feed that I can't get the link for:

Afterwards, we spent a pretty grumpy morning at home. We were ALL grumpy...from getting up so early. I told the kids if they didn't take a nap, we would NOT go trick or treating. After the kids had naps, we went to Carrie's to crash her trunk or treat, then we headed up to Copperton. Since the time hadn't changed yet, it was still bright and sunny at 6:00! We got to Copperton about 6:30, met up with my dad, saw some family, and went real trick or treating. The kids got SO much! There buckets were literally full! Kristin's bucket was so heavy, she couldn't even carry it. We went to the Copperton Lions Club for donuts (which Haley LOVED) and hot chocolate, and headed home. On the way home, the kids talked me into going BACK to the Glassey's. They decided they wanted to see what it looked like at night, and not in the morning. It really is awesome. I'm glad someone is willing to go to the long as it's not me! ;) Grandma and Grandpa Korth came by to see the kids costumes, then I whisked them off to bed! I was up until midnight getting work done - and then I hit the hay. Much to my dismay, Kristin was up most the night coughing. I think she's getting a cold. It had just been such a long day, I was ready for sleep!