Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Office

Okay, so many people have been telling us how much they love The Office. (NBC, Thursday nights) So, at the beginning of the season, I started DVR-ing the new episodes. People have let us borrow previous seasons(thank you Stevensons, and Donnarae), and between that, and numerous Hollywood Videos and Blockbusters, we have finally caught up. It took us 2 weeks. On Troy's days off, the second we got kids to bed, we turned it on, and would watch at least 5 episodes a night. I do have to say, IT'S HILARIOUS! (There was 1 episode I didn't care for too much, in the first or second season) My favorite part is watching Troy laugh hysterically. The whole show is Troy's humor, 100%. So, while I'm sure this show would offend some, I love that there is a show on, that I literally laugh out loud while watching. (It takes a lot for that to happen with me!) Now, if they would just end the writer's strike...I haven't seen the news in awhile, so maybe it's already happened?


Unknown said...

We love The's pretty much the only thing we watch anymore! The characters are hysterical. If I had to work, that would be the greatest job one really works and everyone is crazy!

Pricilla said...

I love that show too. Definately in my top 2. Hilarious!