Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Haley's Birthday!

I forgot to post pics of Haley's actual birthday - since she did turn ONE, I have to write about it! We didn't invite anyone over. It was just our family. It was really nice. With all of our other kids first birthdays, we spent it just with our family, and it was really fun and low key. All day long, we kept singing Happy Birthday to her. I'm sure she loved it! I gave her a bath (her favorite thing) and then (surprise, surprise) took her pictures again - in not so dressy clothes! After Kyle got home from school, we made a cake and opened presents - she got a cell phone, and a little car(that she is too scared to walk with). I was going to try to figure out a milk free cake, but figured the poor girl turns ONE once, and she could try having a normal cake. She LOVED the cake. It was so sad, I cut her a piece - probably a too big of size - and she picked it up and held it to her chest. She would break off pieces with her other hand and shove it in her mouth. I think she was so worried we were going to take it away from her, she was guarding it as best she could! When all was said and done, she had eaten all but a few crumbs! I couldn't believe it! I thought I would find a few big chunks in her seat, but no. Just crumbs. Well, maybe she put on a few ounces...right? Oh, speaking of ounces, SHE'S ON THE CHARTS! HUGE MILESTONE~ She is in the 5th percentile weighing in at 17 lbs 4 ounces exactly one year from being born weighing 7 lbs. 1 ounce. So, it took her a (long and very painful and drama filled) year to gain just over 10 lbs. I'm just happy she's on the charts. Presents were fun. It took her a little bit to understand what she was supposed to do, but after the other kids doing it for her, she finally figured it out. Just in time to put wrapped presents under the tree...great...Anyways, It was a great day. Troy and I were talking about the birth a little bit, and I'm so grateful I'm not in the hospital where my meds weren't working after my c-section, and very grateful Delilas lived close enough to come rescue us for a day...Also, very grateful a sweet little girl (who does everything we vowed our kids would never do - suck thumb and have a bottle after the age of 1) be in our home. She definitely makes life sweeter!


Erin Fonnesbeck said...

Way to let her live it up! She is so cute. Crazy to remember the births of your children....the details stay so vivid for so long!

Unknown said...

Haley's cheeks look so chubby in that last picture of her eating her cake! I love it! I'm glad that things seem to be on a more upward note with her. Congrats on being on the scales Haley!!

Nurse Heidi said...

You go girl! Eat all the cake you want!