Sunday, December 02, 2007

Snow Day

Yesterday it snowed about 8 inches. What that means for our family:

-I do not drive anywhere. I am still learning how to be a snow driver.

-The kids beg ALL day long to go play in the snow and go sledding.

-It makes me especially want to have a clean house, since everything outside looks so white and clean.

-Hang out in warm comfy clothes all day long(sweat suit or jogging suit).

-Watch a Christmas movie eating popcorn and hot chocolate. (LOVE ABC Family 25 days of Christmas movies!)

Unfortunately, we were so busy yesterday, we didn't get to do most of those things. We managed to squeeze in 30 minutes of sledding time, we went to Provo for a screening of Enchanted for Troy's work (which put into play me NOT driving) (first thing on the Advent Calendar) and I didn't get my sweats on until 8:30 pm. We hung out at my parents so Troy could watch the last BYU Season Football game. My dad made soup, and we had cake for my dad and Haley's birthday. It was a good day. I snapped these shots of Kristin! I love them. I thought they turned out cute. I decided it would be fun to do a family photo shoot in the snow. Not while it's still snowing - too hard to keep the lens dry, but right after a storm, when the snow is white and clean. I envision a cute family with hats and scarfs...playing in the snow...candid shots...would be too cute! It's pathetic that I think all these things...anyways, here are a few I took of Kristin. It was too bright for her outside, which left squinty eyes, but I still love these pics...just playing...not posing!
It's Sunday now, can't play outside in the least not too much...and the snow is getting uglier and uglier to look at. It needs to snow some more. Since it's now winter and cold here, we might as well have snow! Bring it on!


Bethany said...

OH, I miss the snow so much. I'm so terribly jealous right now. I wish I was making a snowman with Kristin right now. Those are absolutely beautiful Jen. That girl is so stinkin' cute. I'm looking forward to those playing in the snow pictures.

Erin Fonnesbeck said...

I love the pictures! Those are definitely website-able for sure!

Unknown said...

LOVE the pictures. Wasn't the snow awesome! Now lets just hope for a White Christmas.

Unknown said...

How fun! We are having a major rain/wind storm right now...miserable to play in, but fun to drive through all of the flooded roads! Those pictures of Kristin are really cute! I wish you could come and take Larkin's picture...I need to have Aaron learn how to do it better...I think I am too lame.