Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Troy and eBay

Well, Kyle and Jake have been telling Troy they want to go to the BYU game. Troy paid $75 for his ticket, and he told Kyle the tickets were expensive, and asked Kyle if he had $75 to buy one for himself. Later on in the day, Troy found Kyle upstairs in his room, counting all his money to see if he had enough to go. Troy's heart was softened, and immediately started checking out eBay for tickets for the boys to go. He kept getting outbid, so he decided to do a "buy it now". For you non-ebayers, that just means it's not for auction, it's a set price that you can purchase right away. Well, Troy did it and paid for it. He was all worried that he's going to get screwed over through eBay regardless of my assurances. Anyways, he woke up this morning (cause he thinks he should be emailed constantly regarding the status of the tickets) and found out that while he purchased the buy it now tickets, he was bidding on another set of tickets, and won them! So, now he has an extra 2 tickets to the game. SO, if anyone is looking (or knows someone who is) for a set of tickets to the BYU vs UCLA game in Vegas on Saturday, the 22nd, they cost $37 per ticket, or $74 for both of them. PLEASE leave me a comment...happy ebaying! ;)


Drae said...

That story about Kyle counting all his money just made my heart melt. It reminds me of the bicycle story that teaches about the atonement. It has got to be so hard to discern how much to give your kids and how much is too much before they're spoiled. It's moments like this that make you realize how good and innocent kids are. I'm glad Troy won the tickets on ebay, and that the boys get to go with him. They will always remember it. Just like Kristin will with you and the nutcracker. Keep up the good work you two.