Monday, May 05, 2008

We're home!

We made it home on Friday night. It was a hard day, everything seemed to take so long - layovers, flights, etc - and we were all so anxious just to be home. We left Korea at 2:00pm on May 2 and arrived in Salt Lake at 4:00 pm on May 2. I guess you can say that May 2 has been the longest day of my life! I dropped Troy off for the last 20 minutes of Jake's baseball game, and went to retrieve the girls. Haley just looked at me, and kept saying Mama...mama...then, of course, she just wanted to be held. Kristin was a bit irritated she had to stop playing, and informed me she didn't really miss me, but that she only missed Papa and Grammy. Nice. Haley has been a beast the past few days, and unfortunately, my cousin, Katie got the brunt of it. I think Haley is sick (oh, don't act surprised). She's really hoarse. I had Heidi check her ears - which are fine - but I may take her in tomorrow - just to check. I'm worried about another kidney infection. SORRY KATIE!

Today is Kristin's 4th birthday! We had a little party for her yesterday. I will be posting pics later!

We also bought some new toys for our backyard. Well, they're my toys. We bought some outdoor furniture that I'm so excited about! I will post pics this week of EVERYTHING!

Troy's family came over tonight for family home evening! It was fun to see everyone. It was a nice day, so the kids played outside. It's a good thing for Jon and Beau. They're not too tired to play with our kids. ;) Well, if they are, they're too nice to turn their nieces and nephews down!

I have been refusing to work until Monday. That would be tomorrow - or technically today. I really should be asleep - I start my run at 5:30am. The jet lag is hitting - and I just can't sleep. I'm sure I'm going to hate my alarm at 5:15. I'm trying to enjoy the last of "no working". Tomorrow is going to be brutal. After I get back from vacation - I often wonder if the vacation was worth it, I am left with so much to do. Vacations are always worth it - just the aftermath STINKS! Lots going on this week - baseball, soccer, dentists, 2 photoshoots, ahhhhh....back to life...

Oh, Michael and Maria got stuck in Korea. Most of you know, Maria is from Mexico. She has a green card, and forgot it on their kitchen table, next to Mike's cell phone, and the camera. (Luckily I took 2 cameras to Korea - they're using my other one). Mike just assumed, when they arrived in San Francisco, he would leave Maria at the airport, run home and get the green card, and all would be well. Well, they won't let her leave Korea without her green card! Due to the time difference, they can't have it delivered until Thursday in Korea. YIKES! That's 4 extra days in Korea. Luckily they can stay with David! I only feel bad for David and Maria. They have to listen to Mike try to speak Korean - at the top of his lungs - for another 4 days. Sorry guys! Good luck making it home. It's a good thing the American Embassy is no help at all...good thing our tax money is doing so much good!


Piano Mom said...

The birthday party was a smashing least for my daughter. She has worn her apron and carried her bag around ever since! I can't wait to see your new patio furniture...I want some! Bryan just keeps insisting that there's no point. He thinks it's too hot in the summer to sit outside and eat. (Which is why I keep telling him we need to plant trees and buy a gazebo as well!)

Erin Fonnesbeck said...

Glad you are back, but not so glad at the same time because it means I have to get back to work too. :)

Dori said...

Jen! I have just loved reading about all your travels, Thanks for including all of us. You haven't said much about your "runs" Tell more about it.