Thursday, May 01, 2008

Day 7

We started off tis morning trying to sleep in. Well, I had to force myself to stay in bed, even though I wasn't able to sleep. I finally got out of bed at 7:45 and showered. We all went down to breakfast and then we took taxi's to a little folk craft village. They made pottery. It was fun, and I got some cute stuff. We then rushed back to the hotel, grabbed our luggage, and headed for the train station. We took a 'bullet' train back to Seoul. Well, technically it was called the Speed Train. It went 300 km an hour. Pretty fast. We made it to our last hotel. We are just staying here for one night, we head home on a plane in 16 hours.

The hotel was definitely a step down from the Hilton's we had been staying in. It's not gross, or even bad, it's just not as nice. It is in a great location. We were able to walk around and do the rest of our shopping. We had won in our pockets we needed to get rid of. I think we got some good stuff. We also witnessed 3 Korean women in a yelling match over a clay pot. I was amazed at how loud and heated it got. Too bad we couldn't understand what they were saying...

We had been telling David we wanted to go to a "Korean Luau" where there was a show at dinner. So, he took us to one tonight. Well, I don't think he mentioned it was a vegetarian menu. He said we should have known that, because it was a Buddhist place, and Buddhists don't harm any animals. Well, all I can say is that I really enjoyed the white rice! ;) As far as the show part went, it was awesome! It was about 45 minutes long, and was really incredible. This guy was pounding on a drum like I've never seen or heard before!

After dinner, we walked down through a river walk. David tells us it used to be covered by a highway, but it was uncovered in a beautifcation process. It was full of people, and it really was gorgeous!

My brothers went back to David's house, and Troy and I decided to go for one more walk around the block, and get a little something to eat. We found an ice cream cone and a pretzel. YUMMY! I decided to post my last Korean post. This has really been a fun trip. I'm so happy we came, it really was the chance of a lifetime. Would I recommend coming to Korea? Probably not, unless you had a studly brother who had been living here for 7 months. On our way home tomorrow...can't wait to squeeze my kids!