Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bows Hats and Flowers

I went to a Bow, Hat, and Flower party the other night(THANKS TERESA!). I got my girls (as well as Erin's girls) some cute stuff! Here is a little preview! I'm thinking of having a party myself. The stuff was really cheap and it was nice to have such a low-key, come as you please, type of party. No pressure, no demonstration, just look around and buy what you want and take it home that night! My kinda party! Kristin went with me and told me she ONLY likes the ones with glitter or a crystal in the middle. Isn't she just fancy? OH. Speaking of Fancy, at Target today, there was a WHOLE line of Fancy Nancy stuff from the books. Kristin was dying! Too bad her birthday was just a few weeks ago. She wanted it all!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Day in the Life...

I got this idea from Beth. This will just serve as a reminder of what my day to day life is all about. Nothing too exciting - just a normal day. Today was actually one of my less busy days. There wasn't anything I HAD to do. Well, after re-reading it, it seems like a busy day, but it really wasn't. I really slacked with my work today too. Oh well, it will still be there in the morning.

5:15 am Alarm goes off. Get out of bed, get dressed, put in a load of laundry and meet Heidi on the corner for our morning walk/run. I'm having knee problems due to having sore hamstrings from pulling weeds, so I have a rough morning.

6:15 am Make myself breakfast and switch the laundry. Make the kids breakfast, get them all dressed, teeth brushed, and check email. Take Kristin's picture in her new hat and flower with a crystal center.

7:45 am Autumn gets dropped off so I can take her to preschool at 9:30. Her mom has a doctor appointment.

8:00 am Leave to pick up Daxton and drop the boys off at school.

8:15 am Arrive at home. Try to clean up breakfast, and switch laundry again. Shower and get dressed.

9:30 am Take the girls to preschool, and head to the new Walmart to grab a few groceries.

10:25 am Put groceries away, and go to Cookie Cutters, to exchange a hat I bought for Kristin.

11:00 am Meet Collette at Chick-fil-a to use our free sandwich coupons and let the boys play on the toys.

11:40 am Arrive home in time to meet Kristin, put Haley down for a nap.

11:45 am Call Erin, and frantically put our order for Making Memories in for the day.

12:00 pm Order is in, try to get a little bit of work done.

12:30 pm Order 14 yards of topsoil that will be delivered tomorrow to fill our raised garden beds. Make Jake and Kristin lunch. I'm too cheap to buy them food at Chick-fil-a, so they got sandwiches at home.

12:45 pm Take Jake to play with Daniel. Buy flowers from Collette (she bought too many flowers, and I needed some more) Kristin wakes up Haley, and gets sent to bed as punishment. Haley usually sleeps for 3 hours, so it's hard to miss out on that time. Kristin has been a pill lately.

2:00 pm Plant flowers. Collette brings Jake home, cause him and Daniel are being mean to the other kids(those two are getting to be little buds - the stinkers).

3:40 pm Figure out that the post office picked up the boxes fed-ex left for me. AUGHHH! Such morons. Get packages ready to take to the post office.

4:15 pm Feeling grouchy. Get the boys into soccer practice gear. Drop Kyle off at soccer, go to post office, retrieve my fed-ex boxes, go to IFA, buy $73 worth of vegetable plants, drop in at Little Ceasar's for a $5 cheese pizza.

5:30 pm Pick Kyle up from soccer, drop Jake off. Head home to get Kyle's mit. Oh wait, it's Daxton's spare, cause Kyle's already lost his.

6:20 pm Go back, pick up Jake. I usually NEVER leave Jake alone at his practice. It's right down the street from my house, but I knew I had to get Kyle's mit, or he would be late for baseball, so I just did it. Well, Jake's practice got out a little early, and when I got there, he seemed a tad worried about where I was. There are 3 people in my ward on his team, and they were all there, but he was still worried. (Another good mother of the year nomination reason)

6:30 pm Drop Kyle off at baseball practice. Head home, help Troy build raised vegetable garden. Shovel about 10 wheelbarrow loads of top soil and horse crap into the raised beds.

7:20 pm Jump in the car to go pick up Kyle.

7:30 pm Arrive home, continue shoveling crap for the garden beds. Boys are helping spread the 'crap' into the garden.

8:30 pm Send kids in to get read for bed. Water my new plants.

8:45 pm Go into house, to find the kids are just watching TV and haven't even started getting ready for bed yet.

9:00 pm Kids are in bed, waiting for their songs (they each get one song at night, that either Troy or I sing to them).

9:30 pm Troy comes in from fixing sprinklers and doing yardwork, and gets in the shower.

10:07 pm Considering running to Smith's for some rice milk for Haley. Feeling way too exhausted to do it. I know I am getting up at 5:15 to run in the morning. Think I'll drive to Smith's after my run in the morning. Better blog, instead...thinking more seriously about diving into bed...gonna do it...goodnight!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

2008 Mother of the Year Award

Please nominate me. Reasons below:

Here is a picture of Jake's arm. Yep, it's a tan-line of a Pirate's of the Caribbean tattoo. A few days after we got home from Korea, Jake begged me to put a tattoo on him that he had received at a birthday party. I'm not a fan of fake tattoo's. I don't want my kids thinking fake ones, or real ones, are "cool". But, I have literally been in a whirlwind since we have gotten back, trying to catch up, and so instead of a fight, I just put it on. Well, 3 weeks later, the dumb thing STILL hasn't washed off! I had these alcohol pads, and decided enough was enough. I took it off, only to find it had left a tan line in it's place. AUGHHHH!!! That's what I get, I guess.

If you're thinking that's not enough to nominate me, it gets better...

2 weeks ago today, before church, Kyle was in the backyard barefoot. I was up in my room getting ready, when I heard the "only mom's understand this is not a normal holler" yell. I yelled at Troy to go help Kyle. I had no clue what was wrong, the mommy instinct just told me it was bad. Well, Kyle came in the house, with a long stick that was stuck between his front two toes. We pulled the stick out, got some antiseptic, and cleaned and bandaged it. A few days later, Kyle had Cherice look at it. It had a little pus in it and Cherice opened it up, cleaned it out (she is a professional at this) and bandaged it again. Well, Kyle has been limping through WHOLE soccer games, and during his baseball games. On Friday, after school, he was screaming that he was in so much pain. Well, I have been listening to whining and complaining about the foot for almost 2 weeks now. If you know Kyle, you know he is a bit of a hypochondriac. So, I thought, I'm taking him to the urgent care. It's worth $15 for a doctor to tell him he's fine, and then he'll stop with the nonsense. I hauled him in, and the doctor decided to re-open the wound and see if there wasn't something still in there. Now, when Cherice and I had looked, we could see it was a pretty deep hole that the stick had left, but there was no trace of anything else in that hole. So, we went to the procedure room, where they numbed Kyle's toe. Boy, did that kid scream like a little girl. After it was numb, the doctor cut it open and proceeded to look in the wound. (Oh, we had a male nurse and a female doctor...Kyle was so confused. I had to tell him that there were male nurses and doctors, and that it didn't matter if you were a boy or a girl, but that you could do anything...) She couldn't see anything. She decided to flush the wound out a bit with water or something. As she did that, a little sliver of wood came out. OH. CRAP! He's been walking around for 2 weeks with that embedded in his foot. I'm feeling pretty crappy at this point. She decides to keep flushing, when this HUGE (for being a sliver embedded in the foot) sliver came out also. We were all FLOORED! These had been in his foot for ALMOST 2 WEEKS! The doctor kept flushing, just to make sure. That was it. Nothing more came out. They let us take the slivers home taped to a tongue depressor as a souvenir. Kyle loves showing it to everyone. He is especially excited to take it to school on Tuesday. Here is a picture. I put a dime in the photo, so you could gauge size. The large one isn't a thin sliver at all. It's pretty thick. Kyle will never go in the backyard barefoot again.

So, yep, don't just nominate me, hand over that award.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Big Race!

Yesterday was the day of my first official race. It was a 5K for Running With Angels. It was held at Thanksgiving Point. The gardens there are BEAUTIFUL! Definitely hilly, but beautiful. I was wearing a tshirt for Heidi for her website that had names of angel babies on the back. I put a few angel babies names who meant a lot to me: Hayley Thomas, and Dallin Bybee. Here is a photo of the back of the tshirt.

We got a ton of comments about Heidi's tshirts, wanting information, so it was definitely worth it to wear them! As for the actual race part...UGGGHHHHHH! I really DON'T enjoy running. I enjoy saying I did it, and I was glad I did it (after about 30 minutes of being finished) but it is SO hard for me still. I have to say, I have come such a long way, and I still have a long way to go if I'm able to do my half marathon in August (only 12 weeks away...AGHHHH!). Cherice saved me. She stayed with me, and chatted away, which worked and distracted me. I only walked a very little bit, and stopped only because I had HORRIBLE cramps in my shins, that I stretched out, but other than that, I ran. Well, jogging in the mind of a runner, probably. I finished the race in less than 37 minutes. Not fantastic - but I still finished.

Here's a photo of Cherice and I. As we rounded the last corner, and had a straightaway to the finish line, Cherice said, "I'm going to be Jillian (from the Biggest Loser) pretend you're on the treadmill and she's making you run 12 mph for 10 seconds." So, we took off as fast as we could (which I'm sure wasn't very fast, considering it was at the end of the race, but it was fast for us. I'm really glad I did that. It also showed me that even though I was exhausted, I could do just a little bit more. Heidi was waiting at the finish line, and snapped this photo. Oh, and the thing around my waist held my cell phone, keys, and my ipod. It's called an amphipod for runners, and in no way is a fanny pack! ;) Here we are at the end of the race! WAHOO! We look beautfiul, I know! Here's the group of us that wore Heidi's shirt. (Memory and Jenn, I have one for you, email me your address!) Heidi is in the yellow, and you can read her take on the race here. Our stake is having a 5K this weekend, and I have a feeling I'm gonna get roped into running it (good prediction, right Heidi?). I know it will be a good experience for me, but I'm still worried about it! It's in our neighborhood which means there are bound to be MANY hills. Cherice actually taught me a lot during the race, and I'm excited to put it into use! Thanks Cherice, for sticking with me, even though your time wasn't what it should be, or what you wanted. I couldn't have done it without you! Also, if you know anyone who is doing a race, go cheer them on! There were lots of people cheering for other people, it would have been nice for people to be cheering for me - in person - not just in spirit! ;) Troy WILL be at the end of the half marathon. Oh, if you want to enlarge the photos, you can do it from Heidi's blog (The Vawdrey Family on the sidebar and link above). I stole all the photos from her. I left my camera at home. Don't laugh too hard at how beautiful I look!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


It's 11:40 pm - I am running at 5:15 am. Better head to bed...just a brief update. Haley is a beast! She has 2 1/2 weeks until she can go to nursery at church. Too bad there is no chance she will go. Ever since we got back from Korea, she FREAKS out if I leave her sight! We got new breaks in the car yesterday, and Troy met me after work to pick the car up. I told him I got to drive his car home in peace. I got out of the van, and Haley started screaming. She screamed the whole way home until she saw me again. It is SO hard! It wouldn't be so bad, but she doesn't even like Troy!

Anyone know how to tell time using the moon and stars? I got asked to teach some 13 year old girls how tomorrow (almost today) night for girls camp. Guess I'll have to google it...

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Going Green

I did it. Today at the grocery store, when they asked if I wanted paper or plastic, I said, "You know what? I think I'm going to buy the reusable bags." I handed them a stack, and was on my way. They are actually quite nice! I have always been a fan of paper bags, but with no handles, and the tearing, it has just been easier to get plastic. I hate the plastic ones, because they rip, and after I unload the groceries I have so many, that I throw them all in the trash. Well, I love these new bags. I happened to get the Smith's brand, since that was where I was. I unloaded the groceries, and took the bags back to the car - so they're ready to use on my next trip to the store. I highly suggest doing this! I think you'll love it!

The photo shown is of the regular bags - not the thermal ones.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Here's my Haley. I try to take a few photos everyday, to try to improve and try new things. Here's my baby. She's almost 18 months old now! She's a bit of a beast lately, only wanting me. The separation was hard on her, and she won't let me out of her sight!

The Great Outdoors

I LOVE THIS! I sat out here yesterday and read a book. The kids all played, and it was wonderful! I plan on spending LOTS of time here this summer! It's so great our yard is getting finished. We are working on our garden this weekend, and then I need to work on beautifying the landscaping...not looking forward to that part...
I bought popsicles yesterday. I gave Haley one, sent her outside, and then watched her. That popsicle touched the ground more than it touched her mouth. She would set it on the cement to get on and off the grass. She would take a bite, and realize it was too cold and spit it out. She made a great mess, but it was hilarious watching her!The kids have also been having fun on the trampoline. They thought the girls hair was hilarious and made me take a picture!

Kristin's Birthday Party

Kristin had a Strawberry Shortcake Birthday this year. I found these little Strawberry Shortcake puzzles (which Kristin happens to be putting together right now) and used them as invitations.

Here she is waiting for her little friends to come. I love this picture...

My mom made all of the girls a personalized apron. The girls LOVED them. Aren't they cute?

I found all of these great SS items at the Dollar Tree and Target. We (I say We, but really Heidi made them while I was in Korea) made individual cakes for all the girls to decorate. This was a HUGE hit! I found a bunch of stuff to decorate them with. M&M's and strawberry fruit snacks, and they all had their own tube of red frosting. I got cake boxes, and the girls all took their cakes home with them.

We stuck candles in Kristin's cake and sang her Happy Birthday! It took her quite a few tries to blow the candles out - which is nice for the photographer!

We opened presents and the girls played, and then we sent them home with a huge bag of Strawberry Shortcake goodies! I will say, I went a little overboard with the goodie bags. Oh well, it was cute. I can't believe she's 4! Happy Birthday Kristin!

Monday, May 05, 2008


Today, I hit a milestone. I have now lost 20 pounds (4 pounds courtesy of Korea). I still have a lot more to go, but 20 pounds is HUGE! Just to compare, it is equivalent to 40 sticks of butter or 15 bags of chocolate chips. How have you done it I ask? Well...

On my sidebar, I have a list of races that I want to do this year. One of which is in 1 week from Saturday. It is a 5K. I am doing a 10K on the morning of the fourth of July, and I am doing a 1/2 marathon in August. I know, those of you who know me well, are thinking..."You!? RUN? Yeah, right!" Well, it is true. Thanks to Heidi I am now a runner. (Well, I guess I don't know if I could technically be called a runner - is it one of those things where you have to be one to call someone one? I don't know...)

Back in October, I was desperately seeking a friend/walking partner. I still hadn't made too many friends here, and I was needing to get out of the house in the evenings, and I knew I needed some exercise. Heidi volunteered to be that person. The first night we went, I was dying. Heidi's in great shape! I felt really bad that she had to be my partner. Besides my short legs, I was definitely not IN shape - at all, and trying to keep up with her, about killed me! She never complained. We stuck with it for months. We figured out some routes we could do around our neighborhood that included a 4.6 mile route and a shorter one that is about 3 miles. We live in a really (seriously) hilly area, and it was tough. We stuck with it. We would try to work around our husbands schedules, sometimes we would ship our kids out to friends to get a work out done during the day. We went all winter, even in the snow sometimes. As long as it wasn't too slippery, we were there. The process was really hard. I have crappy flat feet, and had shin splints, and got new shoes I had to break in, Cherice had to teach me exercises to help my feet, but I stuck with it. I also didn't lose a single pound. I stayed at the same weight I'd always been. I got a little better at walking and keeping up. Well, Heidi would say, let's just run to the corner. So, I would oblige, cursing her under my breathe, I'm sure. I can tell you, I would BARELY make it to the corner, and I would be so winded after going to the corner, that I couldn't talk for at least 20 minutes later - if not by the end of our walk. Then Heidi started saying, let's run 2 light posts. Then we'd walk one, run one, etc. One day, Heidi devised a great plan, that we should run, and prepare for a race. I was thinking (don't know if I said it aloud to Heidi) YOU'RE CRAZY! I'm not a runner. Never will be. My butt is lucky to be walking up this hill. I HATED it! Then, in January, Cherice told me that she and Kenny were thinking about training for the SAME 1/2 marathon Heidi had been talking about. Well, at this point, I thought - no use fighting it. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

At this same time (February sometime) Troy had a co-worker who was going to a nutritionist. The nutritionist planned out every single meal he ate for every second of the day, and also gave him a weight training program as well as a cardio program. They met every week. It was totally working for Troy's coworker. I told Troy that I REALLY wanted to do something like that. Well, Troy and I went in, and Troy signed up with me! Can you believe it? Troy caring about health or fitness? I know - unbelievable. Well, after 12 weeks, Troy looks great. All my brothers commented on how skinny he was while we were in Korea. He actually weighs more than he did when he started, but he lost about 8% body fat. Anyways, back to my story. Since Troy was doing the meal plan with me, it was so easy to stick with it. I had support at home. That made a huge difference. When we signed up with the nutritionist, I told him we weren't joining a gym. That was totally fine. We got some hand weights, and borrowed some from Kenny and Cherice, and he set up a program with what we had. I told him I was training to run a marathon, and he said that he wouldn't get in the way of that, but that I needed to keep on top of the weights, because most people who run marathons, lose 5 lbs of muscle in one race.

So, it's 13 weeks later. I've lost 20 pounds, 7% bodyfat, 2.25 inches in my arm, 2.5 inches in my waist, 5 inches in my hips(aka butt), 5 inches in each thigh. Has it been easy? HELL NO! (whoops, I didn't say that) The greatest moment was walking into Target with all 4 kids, grabbing a dress 2 sizes smaller than normal, expecting to wear it in a few months, getting home to try it on (no way I'm doing that in the store with all 4 kids) and having it fit! Since Troy's schedule changed, Heidi and I are now going at 5:30 every morning. Well, we shoot for 4 times a week, and on Saturdays try to do a longer route. I am up to running over 2.5 miles without stopping for a break. That's about 30 minutes without stopping. I didn't say I was a fast runner. After running all that time, my breathing has recovered within 60 seconds.

I haven't really said anything to anybody about losing weight, or doing my program, but vowed when I hit losing 20 lbs, I would. I am really proud of myself. I have a big secret surprise planned when I've hit my goal and ran my 1/2 marathon. I'm giving myself until the middle of August.

I still hate running. While I'm running, I think how horrible it is, and how pointless it is. But after a morning of running, and going down an extra street with a bit of an uphill grade, and pushing myself, and realizing I can do it - it's amazing. Often Heidi hears me say during our runs, "I'm doing it! Can you believe it?" I really have come SO far since last October when we first went out walking. I still have a long ways to go to survive a half marathon and to lose more fat (not muscle, but fat). I have to credit Troy and Heidi. So many others too, but if it weren't for Troy and Heidi - I would NEVER be where I am at today. Heidi could have been running circles around me for months, but always sticks with me, and encourages me to do just a little more. Troy actually cares what nutrition we're having for dinner instead of complaining that I used a low-fat item in a recipe and now it tastes weird. Am I perfect? Oh no, I had a slice of Key Lime Pie tonight. Just one slice though.

So, due to my jet lag, and Haley waking up constantly last night, I only got about 2 hours of sleep, and didn't make it on my run this morning. That's okay. I am ready for the morning. It's late, but I'm at least feeling tired tonight. Although, Haley has already woken up screaming twice tonight. Hopefully twice is enough, and she'll sleep.

So, that's my running story. Anyone want to join us for the 1/2 Marathon in Provo Canyon in August?

We're home!

We made it home on Friday night. It was a hard day, everything seemed to take so long - layovers, flights, etc - and we were all so anxious just to be home. We left Korea at 2:00pm on May 2 and arrived in Salt Lake at 4:00 pm on May 2. I guess you can say that May 2 has been the longest day of my life! I dropped Troy off for the last 20 minutes of Jake's baseball game, and went to retrieve the girls. Haley just looked at me, and kept saying Mama...mama...then, of course, she just wanted to be held. Kristin was a bit irritated she had to stop playing, and informed me she didn't really miss me, but that she only missed Papa and Grammy. Nice. Haley has been a beast the past few days, and unfortunately, my cousin, Katie got the brunt of it. I think Haley is sick (oh, don't act surprised). She's really hoarse. I had Heidi check her ears - which are fine - but I may take her in tomorrow - just to check. I'm worried about another kidney infection. SORRY KATIE!

Today is Kristin's 4th birthday! We had a little party for her yesterday. I will be posting pics later!

We also bought some new toys for our backyard. Well, they're my toys. We bought some outdoor furniture that I'm so excited about! I will post pics this week of EVERYTHING!

Troy's family came over tonight for family home evening! It was fun to see everyone. It was a nice day, so the kids played outside. It's a good thing for Jon and Beau. They're not too tired to play with our kids. ;) Well, if they are, they're too nice to turn their nieces and nephews down!

I have been refusing to work until Monday. That would be tomorrow - or technically today. I really should be asleep - I start my run at 5:30am. The jet lag is hitting - and I just can't sleep. I'm sure I'm going to hate my alarm at 5:15. I'm trying to enjoy the last of "no working". Tomorrow is going to be brutal. After I get back from vacation - I often wonder if the vacation was worth it, I am left with so much to do. Vacations are always worth it - just the aftermath STINKS! Lots going on this week - baseball, soccer, dentists, 2 photoshoots, ahhhhh....back to life...

Oh, Michael and Maria got stuck in Korea. Most of you know, Maria is from Mexico. She has a green card, and forgot it on their kitchen table, next to Mike's cell phone, and the camera. (Luckily I took 2 cameras to Korea - they're using my other one). Mike just assumed, when they arrived in San Francisco, he would leave Maria at the airport, run home and get the green card, and all would be well. Well, they won't let her leave Korea without her green card! Due to the time difference, they can't have it delivered until Thursday in Korea. YIKES! That's 4 extra days in Korea. Luckily they can stay with David! I only feel bad for David and Maria. They have to listen to Mike try to speak Korean - at the top of his lungs - for another 4 days. Sorry guys! Good luck making it home. It's a good thing the American Embassy is no help at all...good thing our tax money is doing so much good!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Tidbits about Korea Part II

13. I have felt completely safe here. Everyone is friendly, and other than being run over by a motorcycle down the sidewalk, or a car for that matter (yes, they drive on the sidewalks) I have felt completely safe.

14. They don't have any garbage cans here. It's so irritating. People just pile up trash under a lamp post or something, but I just can't do it. Apparently someone comes around and picks it all up - although they must be invisible, because I've never seen it happen.

15. If there is ever an octopus shortage - or squid for that matter, we're blaming it on Koreans.

16. You know how when you walk around Disneyland, it's totally normal to be wearing a Mickey shirt or a funky hat? Apparently it's all the rage to wear that garb all day, everday, no matter your age. Same thing goes for Hello Kitty attire...

17. I haven't seen a Target, Walmart, or even grocery store, for that matter. I haven't searched for anything like it, but I think everyone uses the little markets. It's kind of nice, really.

18. Women wear the largest visors I've ever seen. I always thought they were just left over from the 50's. Nope, they're still selling them, and people are still buying and wearing them!

19. I've gotten through my week with basically learning one sentence: Thank you. Cahmsahmneedah (phonetically spelled) My brother, Michael says hello (ahnyahnghasayo) and thank you constantly. Seriously, constantly. Sorry, Maria, that you have to fly home with him.

Day 7

We started off tis morning trying to sleep in. Well, I had to force myself to stay in bed, even though I wasn't able to sleep. I finally got out of bed at 7:45 and showered. We all went down to breakfast and then we took taxi's to a little folk craft village. They made pottery. It was fun, and I got some cute stuff. We then rushed back to the hotel, grabbed our luggage, and headed for the train station. We took a 'bullet' train back to Seoul. Well, technically it was called the Speed Train. It went 300 km an hour. Pretty fast. We made it to our last hotel. We are just staying here for one night, we head home on a plane in 16 hours.

The hotel was definitely a step down from the Hilton's we had been staying in. It's not gross, or even bad, it's just not as nice. It is in a great location. We were able to walk around and do the rest of our shopping. We had won in our pockets we needed to get rid of. I think we got some good stuff. We also witnessed 3 Korean women in a yelling match over a clay pot. I was amazed at how loud and heated it got. Too bad we couldn't understand what they were saying...

We had been telling David we wanted to go to a "Korean Luau" where there was a show at dinner. So, he took us to one tonight. Well, I don't think he mentioned it was a vegetarian menu. He said we should have known that, because it was a Buddhist place, and Buddhists don't harm any animals. Well, all I can say is that I really enjoyed the white rice! ;) As far as the show part went, it was awesome! It was about 45 minutes long, and was really incredible. This guy was pounding on a drum like I've never seen or heard before!

After dinner, we walked down through a river walk. David tells us it used to be covered by a highway, but it was uncovered in a beautifcation process. It was full of people, and it really was gorgeous!

My brothers went back to David's house, and Troy and I decided to go for one more walk around the block, and get a little something to eat. We found an ice cream cone and a pretzel. YUMMY! I decided to post my last Korean post. This has really been a fun trip. I'm so happy we came, it really was the chance of a lifetime. Would I recommend coming to Korea? Probably not, unless you had a studly brother who had been living here for 7 months. On our way home tomorrow...can't wait to squeeze my kids!