Friday, September 05, 2008

Funny Stories

Jake. Is hilarious. He says the goofiest things. I honestly don't have any clue where he learns all of his one-liners. Example: Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner (hmmm....) Example: Today, Troy took all the kids to the eye doctor. Haley and I stayed home. Troy said Jake made the eye doctor laugh so hard, he had to stop what he was doing. Story: It was Kyle's turn, the doctor was shining the light in Kyle's eyes, Jake hollered from the back, "Don't go toward the light, Kyle". Seriously, where would he learn that?

The DI (Utah's version of Goodwill or Salvation Army). I have never taken my kids inside of a DI. We have dropped many an item off at the DI. Well, I went looking for a mat to paint for our Amazing Race, and decided DI was my best bet. As we walked in the store(it seriously, was like a scene in a movie) Kyle sighed, "WOW! It's just like a real store." Troy and I were giggling. I guess our kids are deprived, or something. Anyways, I was looking at these AWESOME chairs for photoshoots(stay tuned, trying it out tomorrow on my girls) and Kyle and Jake came running up to me and told me that they think they found the microphone we brought here. The whole rest of the time it was this huge scavenger hunt to try to find items we had donated. Troy and I laughed hysterically through the store. Kyle SWEARS that our old blanket was there, and (wallet in pocket) asked if he should buy it back. DUH! (I'm SURE it was NOT our old blanket)

Conversations while driving. After all of Jake's funny things he has said today, (he has been using the word 'shall' in the correct context...weird) Troy told him he should be a comedian. Troy told him what a comedian was, and Jake turned to Kyle, and in all seriousness, said, "Kyle, you know what I wanna be when I grow up? A Canadian." So, whether it be a comedian or a canadian, the boy has goals.

Kristin. She seriously blows me away with how smart she is. She turned 4 in May, writes her name, knows how to spell it, can count to at least 100, puts puzzles together almost better than me(okay, probably not a big deal) and so many other things. So, at the eye doctor today, It wasn't her turn, but the doctor would ask Jake what letter it was. Kristin would holler from the back of the room, "V!!!!" Troy had to explain to her it wasn't a contest and she would get a turn in a minute. Well, at least the doctor had a bit of fun this afternoon.


delilas said...

My kids did not know what a real store looked like, they had only seen Thrift store, lol. My favorite thrift store is RED, White and Blue in Pittsburgh Pa. I travel great miles to go there.

Jake is too funny the Canadianism was a for sure lol. That is great the Troy helps out like with Doc appt like that.

Unknown said...

You kids are so dang cute! I just love the things kids say.
Can't wait to see the pictures with the chairs.

Unknown said...

I love Jake! I swear Noah gets more and more like him know...the naughty second child syndrome!!