Monday, September 01, 2008

Things to look forward to...

I know, I know. I never just enjoy what's going on now. That's usually what irritates me most about myself. I'm always "waiting" for what's coming up next, instead of just enjoying what's happening in life now...but I just want to document what I am looking forward to - no matter how insignificant(in no particular order)...

1. The kids going back on track Sept. 9
2. Kristin starting preschool Sept. 9 (3 KIDS IN SCHOOL)
3. Repeat trip to AZ with Erin for advanced photography workshop...(Can't wait)
4. Jeans weather. Today's high was 67, so we got a taste of it today...kinda nice...
5. My 31st birthday
6. Decorating my house (not sure WHEN this will get done...maybe when I win the lottery that I never play)
7. David coming home
8. My 12th anniversary (seriously, has it been that long?)
9. The "Thoroughly Amazing Race" (Jon and Donnarae are putting on an Amazing Race for our friends. It is gonna be a blast. Can't wait!)
10. Haley being potty trained.

There's many more, but I'll leave it at that. I guess I will do a top 10 of the things I'm happy about now...
1. I bought new jewelry. I kinda like it. I've never gotten more compliments. Tip: wear jewelry
2. The kids are currently off track, and we're not on a strict schedule.
3. I am caught up editing photos!
4. My house is spotless. I love CHELSIE (niece, house-cleaner extraordinaire!)! Today, my kids called her their maid. We are going to have a SERIOUS talk about that. In my opinion, I am hiring her to help me, not them. They still have their own chores. And, MAID? come on...
5. It was Troy's first normal "official" holiday off of work. I forgot to announce, but in 15 weeks, Troy took a trigonometry class, a chemistry class, and a calculus class. He got B+ in everything. That is GREAT! He hasn't been in school for 10 years! He took the summer condensed classes, which are so much harder! I'm so proud of him. He is officially a salaried employee now with title of Engineer.
6. Today, at Chick-fil-a it was free chicken tender day if you wore a football logo. Good thing our WHOLE family has BYU gear. LOVE free lunch - especially somewhere good.
7. First BYU game of the season. I am trying to be postive about this. We have 5 season tickets. As I was writing on the calendar the game schedules, all I could think of was how LONG football season is. I love that it makes Troy so happy. Good thing they sell shaved ice at the games! That keeps me going! (Especially sitting on bleachers in 100 degree weather watching something I really could care less about - I try, really, I try) Troy says as long as he's known me, I've been a shaved ice girl. It's true. Ever since my fam lived in Casa Grande, AZ, I have LOVED shaved ice. They don't have stands in Las Vegas or Portland, so I've been deprived for a few years. Tigers Blood mixed with Blue Raspberry...YUMMY!
8. My dad bought me corn on the cob today. All day I have been thinking it was Saturday, and I told my dad I needed it for Sunday dinner. He probably thought I was crazy, but he bought me some anyways.
9. Kyle is now in scouts. He has gotten his bobcat, and is well on his way to his wolf. Thanks to me. He is going fishing tomorrow for scouts, and is SO excited. As you know, Troy and I are not animal people. We don't like them alive, we don't like to kill them, and we really don't like them dead. So, it's a good thing we live by our family, who most are hunters. My dad will be accompanying him to the fishing pond. THANK HEAVENS! Pretty sure I'd be pretty grouchy taking my 4 kids to a fishing pond by myself tomorrow. All I remember about fishing growing up, is that it wasn't any fun. We couldn't throw rocks in the lake, and we had to get up real early, touch worms, and we had to be quiet. Not my kinda sport.
10. Kyle and Jake are spending the night at Daxton's. While I feel for Cherice, it has been a nice quiet night, in my spotless house, watching a movie with my hubby.
11. Okay, as I was re-reading this, I realized I forgot a HUGE important one. I ran a mile today! YEA! I am taking it very slow, trying to get my foot up to running again. I am going a half mile more each day. So far, my foot hasn't hurt me while running. I ice it every night, but I am really hoping to get up to running 5 miles on a consistent basis. Here's to hoping my feet will hold out...come one, a few more miles...

Well, my eternal post is now coming to an end. Sorry to bore everyone. Oh, I have to say, for any of you Californians - and anyone really, my friend, Priscilla, has some GREAT comments on her blog. EVERYONE should read it. It is some great information on Marriage being between a man and a woman that EVERYONE should be aware of! I think a lot of people wonder why it's a big deal. We're taught to be tolerant of others in this day and age. But this describes how the community and government will be affected by allowing same sex marriages to be legal. I was astounded at the things it lists. PLEASE check it out!



laura said...

A few of your things caught my eye:
1. Haley potty training- seriously??? She's not even two is she. I hadn't even thought about that for Blake yet.
2. In your opinion- do you like year round school better? I think I want it.
3. We would DIE to go to a season of football games. Oh- a real school. Not Bakersfield college.
4. Prepare yourself for some serious time in your car. I had forgotten what being on a schedule feels like.
5. I remember going to Sno Shack with you- Tigers blood please.

Unknown said...

I want shaved fair!!!

Are you still planning a trip to visit us up in Portland?? Just wondering :) No big deal if it doesn't fit into your schedule right now!!

I wish I had a "maid" this week...I am still trying to recover from the mess of camping all weekend!!