Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Day of Firsts...

I did it. Thanks to Cherice...I was able to run 5.35 miles today. The first time I have run that far since last August! It was hard...I was dying...I even had to stop and walk in the third mile due to shin splints...but that was it... I made it. How come it sucks so bad while you're running - but when I was done...it was EUPHORIC? I am running a 10K in Zions National Park next Saturday. It's the first time they have opened up the park for a run. I am so nervous I just won't hack it...after today - I know I'll survive. I (of course) could care less about the time it will take. I sign up for races to give myself a goal to work for...and come on...in Zions? I plan on enjoying the view the entire 6.2 miles!

This afternoon Kristin went to her first baseball practice. I played her up a level so she could be on Jake's team. I couldn't juggle 3 kids in baseball all on different teams. When we were asking the kids if they wanted to play baseball or soccer (they're at the same time) Kristin decided on baseball because she would get to wear a hat. Yep...that describes her perfectly! Well, today was practice. She had her pink and purple sparkly mit, and she was ready(convenient that it was the ONLY mit at the store that fit right). It was her turn up to bat, and she didn't know how to swing the bat. The coaches spent 5 minutes trying to show her...with no luck. I felt nautious for her. She was trying - but it's her first time playing. I felt lots of guilt thinking about what a crappy mom I am that my daughter doesn't know how to swing a bat...During the middle of practice - I realized Kyle needed to be at scouts - so I left the kids practicing to take him to scouts. Well, Kristin had a melt down. She wouldn't let me leave, so I had to take her with me. She cried and cried saying she didn't want to play anymore. When we got back to the field, I sent her out to stand by Jake. Well, Jake's friends on the team, told her she couldn't stand by them, and another breakdown insued. (I had a talk with the 3 boys about how it was now their job to protect Kristin and help her. All of them responded quite nicely! We'll see how the next practice goes.) Well, I talked Kristin into trying it again, and she said she would only do it if Troy helps her before the next practice.

Honestly, I just wish she would stick with ballet. Troy was adamant that she play a sport. I just want the kids to have fun. I don't care about winning or losing or making the all star game. The second my kids stop having fun playing sports...I'm done and so are they!

Wish us luck for the next practice!