Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Saturday

We decided to do Easter a bit differently this year. We decided that the Easter Bunny would come on Friday night instead of Saturday night. I can't tell you how great this was! The kids had no clue that we changed the date and time. It made this morning (Sunday) SO much better! Our church is at 9:00 - and between Troy and I both having to get the kids ready and make sure our lessons are ready Sunday morning - less is definitely more for us! It was nice doing the Bunny/Egg thing on Saturday - and focusing more on Christ/Atonement/Resurrection on Sunday. Troy and I both agree...this is the only way to go! We always go to the Copperton Easter Egg hunt. My parents weren't able to meet us this year because they were helping someone move...boy, did the kids love it. My complaint - about all egg hunts - is that now they are no longer an egg hunt. It's more like a "how fast can you scoop things off the ground" hunt... I remember actually having to FIND eggs. Nope. Not anymore. After the Copperton Egg Hunt - we went to the Herriman Egg Hunt. They had rectangles roped off with age groups for all the kids up to age 12. In each taped off rectangle, they just threw candy, pudding and stuffed animals, a few eggs, they said go, and it was all over in 2 seconds. It was great cause it was cold...but that's not any fun. Our Sunday plans changed last minute, and we went to my parents for an Easter Dinner, and my mom threw together a REAL egg hunt for the kids. (pics to come tomorrow) I love it, cause she color coordinates the eggs. The little girls could pick up any pink, orange, or yellow eggs, and the boys got blue, green, and purple. That way Kyle doesn't snatch them all up and the difficulty level for actually finding the eggs works out great! The ones with money inside, my mom wrote the kids names on the outside of the egg. Perfect! No arguing over who got more eggs, or more was perfect!

(Hmmm...don't know why there's not a picture of Kristin...) My friend, Carrie, and her kids Hannah and Calum met us at the Copperton Egg Hunt. Hannah wanted NOTHING to do with me taking her picture!

Hope you all had a super duper EasterSaturday!