Monday, April 27, 2009

Kids Marketplace

This year, Kyle is in third grade. The parents/pta/or someone puts on a Kids Marketplace. The day before "market" the kids each draw a vocation out of a hat. Kyle has been looking forward to the "picking a job" day. He kept asking me how much different people made in their jobs. Well, on "pick a job" day, he realized he had to draw it out of a hat, and all of his research wouldn't matter. So...he reaches in...pulls out a slip of paper...and, yep, you guessed it...HE CHOSE...


I know you all think I'm joking. I'm NOT! After talking to his teacher about it later, his teacher told me that Kyle was very upset, a little embarrassed. But, the teacher and all the classmates cheered, and Kyle went with it. It makes me really happy that he's a kid that can handle something like that.

The funny part, was that he had to dress up like a dancer also. I, of course, joked a bit about wearing one of Kristin's tutu's, but in the end, told him he could be a hip-hop dancer and just wear his normal clothes.

A little more about Kids Marketplace...with their vocation, they are given a salary. With that salary they have to go to each station ex: grocery store, furniture, humane society, car, bank (yes, there were free suckers)
and purchase something but they could only use what money they had, so they had to choose wisely. They were given a sticker at each station and then their remaining money they deposited in the bank. It looked fun!

Of one thing I am very happy about...Kyle finally bought himself a dog...maybe I'll never have to hear about it again!


Memory said...

Hysterical! Yeah, dancer...not such a lucrative career. :-) That sounds pretty fun. And, hey, if you got out of the dog thing forever, everyone wins!!