Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On Drugs and Smoking...

Your neighborhood drug peddler:
I went to the dentist yesterday. I have been DREADING it, since the last time I went. You all remember how that went...So, I decided to splurge for the good drugs. Cost $25. For some reason, I'm drawing a blank as to the name of it...hmmm....oh yeah - nitrous oxide. They put the breathing thing over my nose...I just breathed normally the whole visit, I was never uncomfortable, it felt like all was done in 10 minutes. It was great! I would highly suggest it. It was WELL worth the $25. No tears or anything!

"Has someone been smoking in our car?" - Jake
So, my week has been INSANE. I literally need a calendar with larger squares to fit everything in. My friend's husband had back surgery today, and I volunteered to take her dinner. I knew if I picked something I could make in the morning and Heidi could cook it when she wanted it would really be the only way I was going to make it work. So, I chose BBQ Chicken Pizza on a Boboli. I prefer to make my own dough - but that wouldn't work for the "cooking when you need to" part of my plan. So, I am cooking up the chicken and getting the kids lunch, and getting my work done - the only thing that MUST be done by noon. Then, Jake asks if I will take him to the park before school. I think - 30 minutes...SURE, why not? I'm the Mother of the Year, remember? So, we go to the park, Jake goes to school, I stop off to show an idea for a YW temple recommend/hanky holder, when it dawns on me...I STILL HAVE CHICKEN ON THE STOVE!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously looked in the direction of my house and expected to smoke. I got home, and my whole house was filled with smoke. It had been 45 minutes. The smoke detectors were going off. My neighbors don't really mind those - so they didn't call or anything. I opened every window...left Haley in the car to sleep - I figured with her asthma, that was safer. Got everything off and all the smoke out of the house. But house smells like a smoker lives here. It makes me ILL! How on EARTH can my house go back to normal? I have the doors open now, and I'm freezing! So, I have long hair these days, and I KNEW my hair and clothes were going to reak...but, I have a busy day - no time to shower, chances are my clean clothes were going to smell like smoke too. So, I picked the boys up from school, and Jake's comment was the first thing I heard. Sad, Sad, day...any ideas on how to get the smoke smell out? I have random cups of vinegar around the house, but it's not doing much...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hiking in Zion...

After our big race, we did a teeny tiny bit of hiking in Zion. Now - I'm not much of a hiker, but I could have done more. Unfortunately, it was naptime, and we wanted to get back to St. George to our air-conditioned room, nice pool and jacuzzi, and an even better shower. Even the campers used our shower and pool. Next time I'm sure they won't mock me and my choice to camp...well...if they want to use my shower and pool, they won't. I got a sync cord right before we left that attaches to my off-camera flash and my camera. I wanted to try it out. I think it was a little too harsh (I'm not good at shooting my flash in manual yet) but I thought these turned out cool...I will get better...I promise. We are standing under Weeping Rock (i think?) Angels Landing is behind us. Although it may look like we're standing in front of a green screen...I promise...we are not. Here is everyone in the Korth family who went on the adventure.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Zion National Park Centennial 10K Fun Run

Yep. Zion National Park is 100 years old. To commemorate this, they put on a 10K. When Jon and Donnarae told me about this - I think I may have still had my cast on. I was determined to be running again. I have had so many set-backs, I really wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. The only reason I ever sign up for races, is to motivate me to train for them. I was REALLY worried before this race. My shin splints have been HORRIBLE. Unless you have had them, I don't think anyone realizes how painful they are. I actually vomitted in a training run I was in so much pain. A few nights before the race, I went on a good pain...felt GREAT. The week before the race, I did all the research on shin splints as I could, and really tried to prevent them. I wore heat patches on my shins before the race. Took ibuprofin before the race started, and all week had been icing my shins. I was VERY hopeful it would pay off.

We were bused into the park, and dropped off a little ways after the weeping rock trail. The race committee invited us all to the next 10K which would be in another 100 years - free of charge - then we were off.

The first 1/3 of a mile was pretty steep downhill - which then went to a pretty steep uphill - which I managed to run halfway up. (That's a huge feat for me.) Because of the starting off of the hills, my shins were in BAD shape. For the first half of the race I kept stopping to stretch - hoping if I could get them stretched and worked out, all would be well. Troy ran this race also - and decided whether I walked or ran, he was going to stay with me. I kept encouraging him to leave me, but he wanted to stay. Everytime I stopped to stretch, there was this lady - in silver pants and a pink sweatshirt - who would job by me. Then, after I stretched for a bit, I would jog past her while she was walking. She jokingly said - I guess we're going to do this the whole race! Ummm...that fired me up. I thought - my whole summer last year was devoted to running. I am a runner! I am not someone who signed up for this race just cause it was beautiful. I am a runner! I will run this and beat you! So, halfway through, my shins finally felt good, and I finished the last half strong - the quickest I have ever done a 5k - and it was the last half of a 10k. I smoked the lady in silver pants. I feel so good about that race. I know I had problems in the beginning. But the course was INCREDIBLE. It was an awesome runners course! Not to mention the scenery gorgeous. In the past 8 months I hadn't been able to run due to all of my foot problems, and I had overcome it. Yes, I was by far the last one in the family to come in. Everyone had gotten bored with waiting by the finish line by the time I had gotten there. I choose to think that I'm the grand finale. I am very proud of myself...and if I can do it...anyone can! Here are a few photos...

This is all of us who knew each other before the race began. 14 total. Kenny and Cherice and their girls after the race.
Troy and I almost to the finish line.
Erin came up from Las Vegas to run the race. Her sister also came from Provo to run it. Here we are at the finish line.
Here is my racing shirt, ipod...number...Like I mentioned previously, I could not have gotten through without my music.
See...I am a runner.

Kids Marketplace

This year, Kyle is in third grade. The parents/pta/or someone puts on a Kids Marketplace. The day before "market" the kids each draw a vocation out of a hat. Kyle has been looking forward to the "picking a job" day. He kept asking me how much different people made in their jobs. Well, on "pick a job" day, he realized he had to draw it out of a hat, and all of his research wouldn't matter. So...he reaches in...pulls out a slip of paper...and, yep, you guessed it...HE CHOSE...


I know you all think I'm joking. I'm NOT! After talking to his teacher about it later, his teacher told me that Kyle was very upset, a little embarrassed. But, the teacher and all the classmates cheered, and Kyle went with it. It makes me really happy that he's a kid that can handle something like that.

The funny part, was that he had to dress up like a dancer also. I, of course, joked a bit about wearing one of Kristin's tutu's, but in the end, told him he could be a hip-hop dancer and just wear his normal clothes.

A little more about Kids Marketplace...with their vocation, they are given a salary. With that salary they have to go to each station ex: grocery store, furniture, humane society, car, bank (yes, there were free suckers)
and purchase something but they could only use what money they had, so they had to choose wisely. They were given a sticker at each station and then their remaining money they deposited in the bank. It looked fun!

Of one thing I am very happy about...Kyle finally bought himself a dog...maybe I'll never have to hear about it again!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


My friend, Joanna, posted this on her blog. I was IN LOVE with it. I ran a 10K last weekend (post and photos to come soon) and the only thing that got me through the last mile was listening to Love Story by Taylor Swift. I'm sure I listened to it 8 times during the race. I just love the music. I love the key changes, and the ups and downs (crescendo's and what not). I want a piano SO BAD! If anybody wants to give me one, please do. I play the piano. I know, many of you are shocked. I am not good enough to play in church or anything, but I love to play. I'm a pretty good site-reader. I would love to sit and play all day...and get really Alayna...someday...

Monday, April 20, 2009


Preface: Friday is garbage day. Last Friday, Troy forgot to take the garbage out before work. So, I thought what a perfect opportunity my boys had, to gather all the trash from the bathrooms, and then roll the big trash can out to the curb. Well, let me just tell you, it was utter torture for those two. I am almost positive tears were shed. It took them almost an hour. When I went to inspect later, more trash was on the ground, than had made it out to the trash.

Back to the story I overheard today...

I decided to walk to pick the boys up from school today. The boys are dog crazy. There is a house on the way home, that has tons of dogs in their front yard. There is a chain link fence and we were on the other side of the street, but I told the boys that those dogs have been known to bite people, so to stay away from those dogs. The conversation then ensued...

Jake: Mom, can we have a dog when we're 15?
Me: No.
Daxton: My mom says when I am 12, she'll let me have a dog, cause I'll be responsible then.
Kyle: There is NO way you can be responsible by the time you're 12. You'd have to be big enough to take the garbage out, and let me tell you, that is hard work. It will take at least until I'm 27 like my Uncle Jason to be responsible enough to take the trash out.(Jason's only 23, and I have a feeling he still doesn't take out the trash.)
Jake: Yeah, Kyle's right. We won't be able to have a dog until we're 27.
Me: Well then, it will be up to your wife if you get to have a dog.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Backdrop...

I got this old rusty antique tin sheets off of ebay...I glued them to a board, and WALLAAA! A new backdrop. It's in my front room, and I'm pretty sure no one else sees the vision. I've gotten all sorts of strange looks.

This afternoon Haley was asleep and Kristin wanted her photo taken. I just sat her in front of it...and snapped away. I think it's cool...will be WAY cute with a baby or 6 month old in front...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

For my Grandpa!

Hi Grandpa! How are you? Yes, this post is just for you - Grandpa Harding! I have been trying to send you an email, and it says the email address I have is wrong! I hear that you read my blog, so I thought I'd try to contact you this way! Will you send me an email so I have your email address? Me and my kids are coming to visit you and grandma next weekend (the 25th)! My kids can't wait! They are so excited to go visit "the Farms". See you soon! I love you! Jenny (nobody else is allowed to call me Jenny by the way...unless you knew me before I was 10) It's really weird. If my family calls me Jenny, I don't bat an eye. If Troy calls me that it's like nails on a chalkboard...wierd...but true...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Principal's Office...

Today was my second time ever in a principal's office (well, my Grandpa was a principal - so NOT counting times visiting him). The first was when I was a sophmore in HS. Sophmore's weren't allowed to go off campus for lunch. I had my license my whole sophmore year, and thanks to early morning seminary - a car, and we did go out to lunch one day(okay, more than one day - almost every day, we just got caught once). A VP happened to be at the Taco Bell, asked for our names, we lied and told her fake ones, someone ratted on us, I got called into the principal's office and got Saturday School (cleaning school grounds for 6 hours on a Saturday). If you know me, you know I don't get in trouble - so it was pretty traumatizing to my 16 year old self.

So, today was the second time. This time, I requested the meeting. Kyle has been begging me to go to lunch with him for some time now. I got the other kids taken care of (Thanks Allisun, Alayna, and Stacey) and went to meet him. This time I was smart and took Rumbi with me. I didn't have enough time to grab Kyle Wendy's so I just let him eat school lunch. Well, right as we were sitting down, a big burly kid told Kyle to give him a nugget. Before I could realize what was happening, Kyle handed the kid one of his nuggets telling him "ONLY ONE THIS TIME". I was flabbergasted. Had this kid just bullied my kid with me sitting right there???? I told Kyle never to do that again. I asked him if he LIKED giving him his food. Kyle said no, but he didn't know what to do. If you know Kyle, he's a pretty giving kid. He doesn't like it when he has something someone else doesn't, and he'd rather share with them, than watch them go without. (Jake is complete opposite) So, I really felt like my kid had just been taken advantage of! As I sat there through lunch, flaming mad, trying not to let this kid have it, I watched him finagle other kids food as well. This kid had cold lunch, and the other kids he was taking food from had hot lunch. Hmmmm...I was sitting there realizing why Kyle was so hungry everyday when he gets home from school!

So, I went straight to the Principal's office. I didn't bother with lunch ladies. I went straight to the Principal. I asked her what the policy was regarding sharing lunch. She said it is not allowed. I told her that the kids (nor a lot of parents) were aware of this I just sat in lunch and watched all the "sharing" that was going on. I'm hoping this problem is now solved...but, just to be sure, you can bet I'm going to be taking my lunch to eat with Kyle A LOT more frequently...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Saturday

We decided to do Easter a bit differently this year. We decided that the Easter Bunny would come on Friday night instead of Saturday night. I can't tell you how great this was! The kids had no clue that we changed the date and time. It made this morning (Sunday) SO much better! Our church is at 9:00 - and between Troy and I both having to get the kids ready and make sure our lessons are ready Sunday morning - less is definitely more for us! It was nice doing the Bunny/Egg thing on Saturday - and focusing more on Christ/Atonement/Resurrection on Sunday. Troy and I both agree...this is the only way to go! We always go to the Copperton Easter Egg hunt. My parents weren't able to meet us this year because they were helping someone move...boy, did the kids love it. My complaint - about all egg hunts - is that now they are no longer an egg hunt. It's more like a "how fast can you scoop things off the ground" hunt... I remember actually having to FIND eggs. Nope. Not anymore. After the Copperton Egg Hunt - we went to the Herriman Egg Hunt. They had rectangles roped off with age groups for all the kids up to age 12. In each taped off rectangle, they just threw candy, pudding and stuffed animals, a few eggs, they said go, and it was all over in 2 seconds. It was great cause it was cold...but that's not any fun. Our Sunday plans changed last minute, and we went to my parents for an Easter Dinner, and my mom threw together a REAL egg hunt for the kids. (pics to come tomorrow) I love it, cause she color coordinates the eggs. The little girls could pick up any pink, orange, or yellow eggs, and the boys got blue, green, and purple. That way Kyle doesn't snatch them all up and the difficulty level for actually finding the eggs works out great! The ones with money inside, my mom wrote the kids names on the outside of the egg. Perfect! No arguing over who got more eggs, or more was perfect!

(Hmmm...don't know why there's not a picture of Kristin...) My friend, Carrie, and her kids Hannah and Calum met us at the Copperton Egg Hunt. Hannah wanted NOTHING to do with me taking her picture!

Hope you all had a super duper EasterSaturday!

Friday, April 10, 2009

From the mouth of Jake...

1. Jake and Kyle stayed the night at my parents last night. Jason is living at home for awhile, and they were playing with him. I guess Jason was tickling Kyle and Kyle wet his pants - (apparently, just a little). Jake was telling my dad what happened, and my dad asked Jake if it was pretty funny...Jake responded, "Well, not if you're Kyle."

2. Last weekend we were at Kenny and Cherice's before the priesthood session for a BBQ. Jake was wearing an OLD hand me down pair of pants. The boys all came running up stairs, hollering, "Jake cracked his pants!" Well, you can imagine what I thought they were took awhile for me to realize that cracked didn't mean "crapped" and that his pants were torn...right down the butt. Jake didn't mind - and wore them the rest of the night. Then, when I tried to throw them away before bedtime Jake begged that I sew them...ummmm....let me think about it...NO!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Disneyland - a month late.

Last month when we were at the beach - we also spent 3 days in Disneyland. It's my favorite place. EVER. I went there a lot growing up...that's probably why it's so great to me. Kyle asked me if he should grab us a map...SERIOUSLY? I DO NOT need a map. I know all the secret places of Disneyland...walkways...stroller brother Michael even told me that going to Disneyland was like I was running a business. I told him with the amount of money it cost for my whole family to get in - I HAD to treat it like a business! Seriously...if you want a good day at Disneyland...invite me along. We are now proud owners of season passes. Thanks to my mom's old CA ID. We had a blast! I wore my running watch there for 1 whole day in the park. In 11 hours, we walked 10.5 miles. CRAZY, huh? It was great. All of my kids are at ages they enjoy it. I take my running stroller in, and it's a great place for the girls to nap while we go along! I had the best time because I got to see Fantasmic again. I haven't seen that in probably 5 years...well, probably more than that. None of my kids had seen it before. We usually go to Disneyland in the off-season, or during the week when Fantasmic isn't playing. I LOVED every second of it. It instantly put a huge grin on my face, and it was all I could do to not dance along! On with the pictures, and less babbling...I LOVE this picture. Just check out the look on Haley's face. Waiting in line for over an hour was worth it - just for this picture!
This is my all time favorite Disneyland picture. What could be more fun - than riding by yourself in the front seat of the Alice in Wonderland ride with Minnie Ears? Nothing, I tell you, nothing!
While waiting in line to see Minnie - Kristin decided she would be Minnie for Halloween! Start sewing, Grammy! This picture is so typical of the boys. Goofy - through and through. I would never buy one of these hats - but they were fun to try on!
How about this one of the hat my dad tried on? Here is Maria, Kristin and this point we were ALMOST at the front of the "Meet 3 princesses" line. Everyone (but Haley) was so excited to see Pluto...this has got to be a classic photo... Haley had to go potty seconds before we got to see Mickey. The lighting was horrible in this teeny tiny room...but - here's the great mouse! On our way out of the park - I wanted a picture of my kids in front of the castle...seriously, why do I even try?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Day of Firsts...

I did it. Thanks to Cherice...I was able to run 5.35 miles today. The first time I have run that far since last August! It was hard...I was dying...I even had to stop and walk in the third mile due to shin splints...but that was it... I made it. How come it sucks so bad while you're running - but when I was was EUPHORIC? I am running a 10K in Zions National Park next Saturday. It's the first time they have opened up the park for a run. I am so nervous I just won't hack it...after today - I know I'll survive. I (of course) could care less about the time it will take. I sign up for races to give myself a goal to work for...and come Zions? I plan on enjoying the view the entire 6.2 miles!

This afternoon Kristin went to her first baseball practice. I played her up a level so she could be on Jake's team. I couldn't juggle 3 kids in baseball all on different teams. When we were asking the kids if they wanted to play baseball or soccer (they're at the same time) Kristin decided on baseball because she would get to wear a hat. Yep...that describes her perfectly! Well, today was practice. She had her pink and purple sparkly mit, and she was ready(convenient that it was the ONLY mit at the store that fit right). It was her turn up to bat, and she didn't know how to swing the bat. The coaches spent 5 minutes trying to show her...with no luck. I felt nautious for her. She was trying - but it's her first time playing. I felt lots of guilt thinking about what a crappy mom I am that my daughter doesn't know how to swing a bat...During the middle of practice - I realized Kyle needed to be at scouts - so I left the kids practicing to take him to scouts. Well, Kristin had a melt down. She wouldn't let me leave, so I had to take her with me. She cried and cried saying she didn't want to play anymore. When we got back to the field, I sent her out to stand by Jake. Well, Jake's friends on the team, told her she couldn't stand by them, and another breakdown insued. (I had a talk with the 3 boys about how it was now their job to protect Kristin and help her. All of them responded quite nicely! We'll see how the next practice goes.) Well, I talked Kristin into trying it again, and she said she would only do it if Troy helps her before the next practice.

Honestly, I just wish she would stick with ballet. Troy was adamant that she play a sport. I just want the kids to have fun. I don't care about winning or losing or making the all star game. The second my kids stop having fun playing sports...I'm done and so are they!

Wish us luck for the next practice!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Our first Pinewood Derby...

Well, I guess I should say with our kids. I remember MANY Pinewood Derby's with my brothers growing up. I'm pretty sure Jake was more excited about this than Kyle. For 2 months Jake has begged to make the pinewood derby every day. Kyle picked out the design he wanted and Troy cut it out. Kyle wanted his to have a "Y" on it - of course. I meticulously painted it on there. Before we left that night - Troy told Kyle that he would probably lose...Well, Kyle's first turn down the track - and HE WON! We were all really amazed. The next time - He WON AGAIN! Holy cow...we were seriously flabbergasted! Well, he went to the finals, and the last two races - something happened to his didn't even make it to the end of the track. So - he ended up coming in 3rd. We found out later - that a piece of wood had chipped off his car near his tire...causing the wheel to stop spinning. Here is Kyle, his car, and his ribbon. My last comment on the subject...anyone owning a Pinewood Derby track has to be a special kind of person. The man in charge of this Pinewood Derby was NO EXCEPTION!

A Pregnant Belly...

I snapped this photo while we were waiting in line at Disneyland. I LOVE this picture. It is of Maria's pregnant belly. She's due in less than 2 months. I can't wait. Hopefully I can fly to Monterey to take pictures of the new baby...I think this photo of her belly tells so much about her! She is an earth tone girl. She looks FANTASTIC in those colors - and it's her personality. She is a down to earth girl. She can run like the wind - and she does. She always wears layers...she gets cold very easily. Anyways...I LOVE HER! I am super glad she's part of my family!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The after-effects of a temper tantrum...

I must be too good at ignoring these by now...she's fast asleep!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I survived!

Yep...I survived! Tonight was our Girls Camp Kick-Off. It was my deal. I had a ton of help - but basically - if it was a dudd - it would be on me. I normally wouldn't be stressed out. I'm not a stressed out type of person...but...I do like time to plan. Our youth are doing this Temple Celebration (singing and dancing) for the two temples they have built by us - and there are tons of practices - weekly since the middle of March - all the way until the end of May. So - we had a free week due to conference - and decided make it our Camp Kick-off week. Well, I only had about 2 weeks notice. I don't work well with that. It was nobody's fault - I just had to work under time constraints...which - apparently - stresses me out! Who knew? I had the flu all last night - and literally made it through today on some good drugs and a prayer.

I have to say - it was a success! Everything went perfect. The only thing that was off - was that we started 4 minutes late. I hate when things start late. But - I am very happy to say that was the only mishap! The girls are so excited for camp! The leaders are so excited for camp! Now - only 2 1/2 more months until camp...I have 2 months to plan...I sure hope I can handle that! Every activity I have planned for camp - I have gotten the flu...I really think it must be stress...I sure hope I can survive the next few months!